Saturday, December 18, 2010 Lowes Employee Portal Login

Are you an employee of Lowes and looking for the website where you can login and signin to your employee information portal? The website at is where you will want to log in to sign in to your employee account online. In order to successfully login you will need your 'Sales Number ID' and password. It makes for a convenient way to access, view and modify information as it relates to your employment at the Lowes Corporation.

There are many different types of HR information that is related to Lowes employment. You may want to learn more about your health and medical benefits and benefit plan options. You may also want to get an update or status on your Lowes retirement benefits or information on your 401(k) plan.

Sign in to your account at

Former Lowes employees will want to see the portal page at  to access their Foundations for Success Handbook. Here you can research and learn more information on the Lowe's plan overview, employee benefits, benefits plus, retirement benefits, severance pay plan and plan administration.

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